Performance-based retention strategies for Ecom

Retention strategies for Ecom

Make more money using the highest-converting direct-response principles while keeping the brand imageWe do not rely on tactics but on never-changing principles that ensure the LTV and AOV are as high as possible

We're quick

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We're good

We'll get you results
(if we don't, we don't get paid, who likes working for free lol)

We're riskless

You have quite literally nothing to lose with us

What do we offer

  • We will write your copy desgin your campaigns

  • We will help with offer creation

  • We will create email congruent upsells/cross-sells to increase AOV

  • We will mail your buyers list more often to increase LTV

  • We will keep your list clean and Klaviyo bill low, by removing unengaged subscribers

All this for $0 Up front!

Let us rip your stuff apart

We will tell you everything about your email game


What is "retention strategies"?

An average email marketing agency will try to fix your backend by fixing copy or design. Very often they fail. Why? Because unless you are selling products that solve an acute pain point, copy is not that important, nor is design. It's more about knowing the customer journey, creating upsell/cross-sell flows, correct segmentation and sticking to principles.

What result can I expect?

Every brand is different so making stupid claims like "30% increase in email sales in 33 days" is pointless. That's why, even before we talk face to face, we will audit your klaviyo account to see whether we can help and what is achievable

How can I book a call?

Email us first. Most meetings are useless these days. We do not want to waste your time or ours. We always audit your account first, and if we can help then we proceed. Email us with "audit" and we will go from there!